Our Instructors

Dr. Kenneth Harper, MD, FACS, RPVI, RPhS

Dr. Harper is the founder and medical director of Vein Specialists of the South, LLC, the Comprehensive Vein Training Center, and Spa Medical in Macon, GA. Dr. Harper serves as the instructor for the vein care preceptorship course. Trained as a general surgeon, Dr. Harper is a diplomat of both the American Board of Surgery and American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine (ABVLM). His phlebology practice opened in 1997 and he has dedicated his practice solely to vein care since 2002. In 2019, Dr. Harper’s practice was the first in Central Georgia to become an accredited vein center by the IAC.

He is an active member of the ABVLM and has served as chairman of the surgery section, on the faculty of the annual congress on numerous occasions as a speaker, is active on various committees, and has been recognized by the ABVLM for clinical research.

In addition to these credentials Dr. Harper is certified as a (RPVI) Registered Physician in Vascular Interpretation and is a (RPhS) Registered Phlebology Sonographer and oversees their IAC accredited vascular lab in venous testing.

He is dedicated to sharing his techniques and experience with other physicians as a clinical instructor and preceptor, and increases his own knowledge through hours of continuing education each year. He believes that to excel as a physician, it is necessary to excel in education. Dr. Harper is a clinical instructor at the Mercer University School of Medicine, a fellow of the American College of Surgeons and a fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons.

Terri Harper, MSN, FNP-C

Terri serves as Clinical Director of Spa Medical. Terri has extensive knowledge in sclerotherapy and other minimally invasive office based anti-aging procedures.

Terri has her Masters in Nursing and is a Nurse Practitioner. She has worked with her husband, Ken Harper, MD, FACS, RPVI,RPhS as a sclerotherapist in their dedicated phlebology practice since 1999. She is a member of The American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine (ABVLM) where she has served as chairman of the nursing section, serves on the faculty of the annual congress as a speaker, and is active on various committees.

Terri is an independent contractor with Aesthetic Advancements, Inc. (AAI) as a clinical instructor of sclerotherapy as well as other office injectables, such as neurotoxins and dermal fillers. She is known as a gifted teacher and communicator.

Jacy Taylor, ASN, RN

Jacy Taylor is the Sclerotherapy Manager for Vein Specialists of the South. She is a Macon native who has worked extensively with knowledgeable professionals in the areas of sclerotherapy and phlebology.

Jacy began working with Terri Harper at Spa Medical in 2017 while she pursued her LPN certification from Central Georgia Technical College. For the past five years, she has received comprehensive training in the treatment of spider veins and other venous diseases at both Spa Medical and Vein Specialists of the South. Jacy obtained her ASN from Albany State University in 2021, after which she became an RN with Vein Specialists of the South. Today, Jacy works as the sclerotherapy manager, helping to lead the growth of treating cosmetic spider veins at VSS and beyond. 

Her favorite part of her job is “…being able to give so many men and women their confidence back in how their legs look and feel!”